About us

Founded in 1971, Crystal is now recognized as one of India’s foremost manufacturers of knitwear for all age groups. Over 40 years of experience and vertically integrated cutting-edge production processes make it a brand to reckon with.

Crystal’s unique product ranges are designed to cater to every segment. The ‘Classic‘ line comprises traditional innerwear, ‘Rock‘ caters to the tastes of modern youth, ‘Supremo‘ is aimed at leaders and ‘Topline‘ is aimed at executives. ‘Elite‘ targets the page 3 people, while ‘Bounce‘ is sportswear.’Leisure‘ is the line for relaxation-oriented wear. ‘Thermal‘ is a line of warm wear.

‘Body Talk‘,’Freedom‘,’Luxury‘,’Swing‘ and ‘Comfy‘ are lines designed for Women. ‘Yoyo‘ and ‘Pretty Girl‘ are lines for boys and girls respectively.

The young people of India have special aspirations and Crystal aims to fill the vacuum that exists in this regard.

For more information about Crystal Log on www.crystal.one